Funding of Research and Development Projects

Many research projects are impossible without public funding or subsidies. However, keeping the overview over the funding possibilities is difficult – funding sources range from regional and state funding, over national, EU and international organizations. Finding the right funding program for a specific problem can thus be quite a challenge.

Writing a grant application that fulfills the requirements of the funding agency and is competitive and compelling enough to be successful in the rising competition for limited sources is at least equally challenging.

If successful, you are then faced with project management, reporting and accounting.

We offer the Funding Service you need!

We can help you with all these challenges - we have long standing experience in the field of German and international funding agencies. We offer:

  • Funding Search: Identifying and rating different funding sources for a specific planned project.
  • Grant Writing: Designing and writing a competitive grant application for your project and a specified funding agency.
  • Project Support: Writing progress reports, producing balances and writing appropriation requests.